Uber trolls Careem over ‘Rishta Aunty’ business

Uber trolls Careem over ‘Rishta Aunty’ business | pakistantribe.com

KARACHI -Careem’s new business has become the talk of the town in less than a day.

Where it was discussed and trolled among the masses, its arch rival Uber Pakistan also cashed an opportunity to take a jibe at the application based taxi service with a witty post on social media.

This is what exactly what Uber Pakistan did when Careem introduced its Rishta Aunty Service.

Under the Rishta Aunty Service, passengers can share a ride with a Rishta Aunty when they call a Careem ride.

The matchmaking woman will then get in touch with the passenger later on and share details of any potential match with him/her after taking the passenger’s relevant details.

The scheme did become the butt of sarcasm, criticism and jokes on Twitter. Uber Pakistan also joined in the fun with a witty post.

While Careem tends to present the idea as a relief and convenience for millions of people in Pakistan looking for suitable matches, Uber Pakistan portrayed it as a hassle to share a ride with an elderly female matchmaker.


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