Saudi prince arrested over leaked videos

Saudi prince arrested over leaked videos |

RIYADH – A Saudi Prince has been arrested on Thursday after a leaked video went viral showing him abusing a member of the public, reported Saudi state media.

According to Al-Ikhbariya tv, the prince from the descendants of Saudi founders was arrested on King Salman’s special orders after the abuse video caused outrage in public.

His arrest video also went viral social media showing him out of a house in handcuffs.

The arrest was made after a video that clearly showed Prince’s face circulated on Twitter. In another video, a man moaning and clutching his head is led out of a house with an automatic rifle pointed at his back.

The videos have sparked anger on social media, with users identifying as Saudi citizens calling for the prince to be put on trial.

“No matter whom you are, prince, minister or a citizen, no one is above the law,” read one tweet.

According to a royal decree carried by Al-Ikhbariya, the victims in the videos will be called to testify in court.

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest rates of execution and widely imposes harsh sentences for criminal offences.

In a highly unusual case, the kingdom last year executed a prince convicted of murder.


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