PMLN’s historical win agianst PPP

PMLN's historical win agianst PPP | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Popular opinion expressed in Gallup Pakistan’s Annual Public Pulse Report 2014 sends a mix of positive and negative messages to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, reported.

According to the Gallup Pakistan “the positive message is that his Performance Ratings are a huge improvement over the PPP-Zardari led government a year ago, as there is an improvement of 59% points in the Rating of overall performance.”

On the other hand, the negative message is that the lingering disappointment with government performance, which has been characteristic of last many years, continues to drag on.

Thus performance rating of Nawaz government on controlling inflation gets negative rating of 45%, controlling terrorism gets a negative rating of 30%; controlling corruption in government gets a negative rating of 31%.

On all of these issues there is an improvement over the dismal ratings of the previous government in its last year, showing an improvement of 20% points on the subject of inflation; 31% points on control of terrorism and 36% points on control of corruption in government.

“But these improvements still fall short of pulling the Ratings from Red (Unfavourable Ratings exceed Favourable) to Green (Favourable Ratings overtake Unfavourable)” stated in the Pakistan’s Annual Public Pulse Report 2014.

Dr. Ijaz Gilani Chairman Gallup Pakistan says “We note a Decline in Despair about government performance to bring economic welfare and peace to the country.

But popular opinion is exercising a lot of caution before it switches from giving a Red Card to a Green Card on government performance.

The government performance still gets a Red Card on controlling Inflation, Terrorism and Corruption in government. But the Red Card is not as dark as the one received by PPP led government a year ago.

Despite Red Cards on specific issues, Nawaz government gets a Green Card (favourable views exceed unfavourable views) in overall running of the government, as 55% give a favourable and 40% give an unfavourable rating, giving a positive balance of 15% points. A year ago only 27% had given a favourable rating to the then PPP led government while 71% had given a negative rating, which gave it a negative balance of 44% points.”

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