Mystery of 8 family members killing in Lahore resolved

Lahore family killings, 8 family members killedLAHORE – Mystery of murder of eight members of a family resolves as policed traced out the killer.

Last night, eight family members including three children were killed in Jauhar Town, a locality of the provincial capital of the province.

After the murders, high-ups have constituted two teams of police to investigate the matter.

Summing up their investigations, police has found a family member, Nazir, was a cancer patient and he had killed all other members.

“After killing others with a hammer, hitting on their heads, he committed suicide,” police said.

Amongst the killed persons are three real brothers, two women and three children.

One of brother Prof Zahid was imparting education at a private university. He lived with his wife Nasim and daughter Amina Zahid.

The second brother Shahid was a contractor who lived with his wife Farzana, his son Afaq and daughter Areeba.

The third brother was Nazir, who killed the whole family and then committed suicide with intoxicated medicines.

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