Why this Calibri, Calibri, Calibri D…? Top funny tweets about #FontGate!

Why this Calibri, Calibri, Calibri D...? Top funny tweets about #FontGate! | pakistantribe.com

Calibri font, a humanist sans-serif typeface family, which was designed by Lucas de Groot in 2004, was made available for public use on January 30, 2007.

This has been known for years, but it got spotlight attention as the Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report submitted to the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday used it as evidence that documents submitted by the Sharif family were doctored.

While there remains some dispute about whether the font was, in fact, available before 2007 or not, Pakistanis observing the proceedings of this case were quick to unleash their wit.

We have gathered some of the hilarious tweets on #FontGate.


Calibri, the undisputed champion…

When Calibri took government by surprise…

Oops, it hurts!

Though this one might top them all…

Some used this as teachable moment

A love letter to PM Nawaz...

And Calibri wins the race…

Oh, rocket science involved…

This guy has a point!

Case solved, this is how it all happened folks!

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