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Working in electronic media still holds huge appeal as a glamorous career. Life in the newsroom is fast-paced, competitive, exciting and stressful. For new entrance it is a matter of wondering why they do not look like a celebrity. Please know nobody wakes up like this. Not me neither any other anchor. Here lies the actual deal:

I’m up at 4am every day. Before each appearance, I spend 50 minutes in makeup chair. Two to three people work on my hair and makeup and when I say hairdo it’s a daily hair styling with loads of backcombing blow dryer iron and sprays which could seriously damage your hairs for which we often go for hair extensions and wigs to save us from further harm. While a professional touches my overall look and watch screen when I go on air.

After my duty hours, I stayed up late in office for gym. I exercise 90 minutes. For a foodie like me it feels like such a crime to go for a diet food. I haven’t had any fizzy drink since ages that I even forgot how it tastes like. There’s a team dedicated to find me suitable outfits.

On special occasions like Eid and public holiday like Independence Day we are specially dressed up with the significance of the day and come prepared to present the news. It’s not that we are desensitized and robotic, we put our facial and vocal expressions during every news even if it’s about any deadly incident we have to stay firm, composed and neutral.

I’ve said it before and will emphasize on it again that it takes effort and an incredible amount of time to make a female celebrity look the way she does when you see her. It isn’t realistic and it isn’t anything to aspire to.

Aspire to confidence: Confidence is your best accessory the only thing you can wear well is your confidence. Aspire to knowledge. Aspire to feeling pretty and carefree and happy without needing to look any specific way. With that refined look we have to keep ourselves updated with current affairs every minute of the day. News anchors usually have a background in journalism. Yes it’s the subject of social studies, which makes you cringe in your school that is our life long journey. We have to keep record, make notes and memorize the details of the story and events.

Picture of portion of a meal provided by Pakistani private media group BOL news to it's anchors |
Picture of portion of a meal provided by Pakistani private media group BOL news to it’s anchors

There’s a need for multi-talented people. A good news anchor is not just a bright screen face but mostly anchor is skilled at research and also good in investigative reporting analyzing and script writing. Reporters and anchors should have top-notch speaking skills. Journalist first, personality comes right behind.

There’s a reason that lots of journalists fizzle out when they go on television. You need to express who you are not just through what you convey, but how you connect.

What really matters is how an anchor responds during a critical situation, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or a tragic incident. During an emergency, anchor should be capable to ask rapid, pointed follow-up questions and analyze the situation for hours, if required. For that reason, they must have tons of information, knowledge and collection of words and vocabulary with huge passion to stay put.

Pakistani private news channel, BOL news, workout area for the anchors working with the media group |
Pakistani private news channel, BOL news, workout area for the anchors working with the media group.

In short the news anchor introduces stories, interacts with reporters, interviews experts and provides analysis of, and give briefings and commentary on stories.

So the next time when you see a girl gazing wistfully at a blemish-free, shiny-haired anchor on screen, bust the myth of flawlessness for her but do praise her mind and performance which is the real essence of beauty.

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Afsheen Qureshi writes on social issues and untouched topics of life. She is an Anchor person and a news caster at Bol News TV.

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