Female SSP who saluted Maryam served legal notice

Female SSP who saluted Maryam served legal notice | pakistantribe.com

ISLAMABAD – A female police officer who saluted Maryam Nawaz on his arrival to the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) when she arrived to appear before Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been served legal notice.

SSP Arsala was issued a legal notice by a lawyer seeking an ‘explanation’ and ‘apology’ over saluting a person who does not hold within 15 days.

As Maryam Nawaz arrived at the academy to appear before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Panama scandal, SSP Arsala was seen walking up, coming to attention and saluting the first daughter.

Later in the day lawyer, Amna Ali dispatched a legal notice to SSP Arsala for the salute.

“Please find the legal notice on behalf of taxpayers, citizens of Pakistan,” she began the notice.

The lawyer, who is reportedly affiliated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, advised the SSP to issue an apology in the national media along with an explanation for her action within 15 days.

Failure to do so, Ali warned, would incur legal proceedings and damages which were not specified.

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  • i really appreciate the good justure of ssp that he salute to prime minister daughter who are under treating with nonsense ways , imran khan so called leader has been restating mian sb not to do any nothing for Pakistan regarding development in order to make it prosperous we cannot understand why political leaders are not being recognized by mafia Do they intend to destroy pakistan similar way as east pakistan? ,NOTORIOUS MAFIA will see that mian sb will get maximum seats in national assembly people of Pakistan by mafia are not a innocent who can not under stand the conspiracy we are noticing some evils elements intend to remove mian sb but they aare living in fool paradise it is 1999 0r 1977 period it is 2007 every one who are backing the imran khan Jewish protected person and what are his ambition to destroy Pakistan like seryia ,Egypt etc . inshaallah we will defeat the conspiracy with iron hands.


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