After merger, NIB writes another story of failure

After merger, NIB writes another story of faliure |

KARACHI – It seems the banking sector is adopting the government institutions’ attitude as branch managers have been aliens to reach for a layman. 

But, what we are going to put forward today, is not a layman’s case. NIB Bank’s PIDC House (M.T Khan Road) Branch, Karachi, has held remittance of for over two weeks.

The company head, who is the account holder and is Lahore for a family emergency has made over two hundred calls to NIB’s operational department and to Branch Manager (BM).

The operational Department hardly picks calls from his numbers and when they do, they ask him to try BM’s number for he’ll handle this issue, they say.

And, just like a government institution in Pakistan reacts to a common man’s issue, the branch manager almost never receives calls, nor replies to emails.

The consumer when talking to PakistanTribe said, I requested bank staff so many times to give me call back as branch manager, Imran Maqbool’s number is out of reach but they didn’t respond.

When a complaint was launched against the BM’s nonprofessional attitude, the complaint department forwarded the email to Branch Manager to resolve the charge against himself.

After a bit of investigation, our correspondent from Karachi has confirmed that most of the customers were fed up with his behavior towards them.

It is this attitude from employees, that has brought NIB Bank on the verge of and end. This might be the reason why this bank is going to be merged into Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB). That’s right, NIB and MCB have announced a merger and the pre-merger process has already kicked off.

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