What Raymond Davis wrote about Shah Mehmood in his book

What Raymond Davis wrote about Shah Mehmood in his book | pakistantribe.com

LAHORE – Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who is now in PTI was PPP’s foreign minister when Raymond Davis Saga took place.

Raymond Davis wrote in his book that Qureshi was the only man standing firm against my release despite having friendly relations with John Kerry.

Davis remembers Qureshi refused to bow down to government pressure and took his stance. He then stepped down as foreign minister and later joined Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf.

Davis wrote both Asif Zardari, the then Pakistan president and Nawaz Sharif, the opposition leader was on the same page for his release.

Qureshi knew David did not work for US consulate and actually a contractor of BlackWater; he, therefore, refused to let him out of jail under Vienna Convention.

After the resignation, Davis wrote Qureshi said in a press conference that this is not a time to bow down against the USA.

Watch this video to see what Raymond Davis has written about Qureshi in his book


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  • This camouflage story narrated by Davis ,and circulated at the time when election is closed ,as per knowledge this book has been written with the instigation of Jewish lobby to malign all political forces of pakistan to show them responsible except PTI because they intend to promote the cause of imran khan in pakistan . Media should have to publish all press release of the leaders of either party during that period, imran khan has kept silent with the reason as best known to him , imran khan has been playing on the hand of the mafias who do not want to see Pakistan prosperous ,every Pakistani know that prime minister of pakistan is humiliating without justification only to promote Imran khas cause which will not be fulfilled in every respect. imran khan is dangerous person he is defaming Pakistan through his nonsense act and immaturity .


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