Wishtehar: Shahbaz Shareef and Blue Band

Wishtehar: Shahbaz Shareef and Blue Band | PakistanTribeIn Pakistan we have great untapped creative talent at one hand and advertising industry in the search of this talent at the other.

How can we build the bridge between the two? How can we develop crowd sourced platforms?

This was what we were thinking at the Pakistan tribe and finally here is the solution.

Now all you have to do is to send your idea about any brand and our designers will turn it in to an ad.

So now you can liberate your untapped talent this easily. We promise that these ads will reach creative agencies and brand teams through the expanding reach of social media in real time and soon you will find an expression and the brands will find the connect and resonance they search for.

This is the first of such ideas and many will follow. Keep sharing please. This is the cause of a tribe called Pakistan.

Email Your Idea on [email protected] and CC it on [email protected]


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