Delegation of Indian Journalists visit University of Karachi

(Photo Courtesy: Khalid Jibran) Chairman, Department of Mass Communication Professor Tahir Masood welcomes Delegation of Indian Journalists, Anandiya Sain Gupta, Professor Abdul Jabbar Khan and Dipankar Bose are also present.

KARACHI: A delegation of Indian journalists visited Karachi University to address students at Mass Communication Department.

The Kolkotta Press Club delegation led by its President Sudipta Sengupta and General Secretary Anindya Sengupta comprises of Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Suvashis Moitra, Raja Dutta, Nilanjan Hajra, Dipankar Bose, Anjan Bandyopadhyay, Rakesh Kumar Dubey, Jagannath Chattopadhyay, Ashoke Sengupta, Zafar Ali Khan and Pathik Guha.

Pakistani Journalist, Professor Abdul Jabbar Khan followed by Chairman Mass Communication, Professor Dr. Tahir Masood’s welcome address, opened the informal session. During the 2 hour long session with Pakistani Students Indian Journalists; Zafar Ali Khan (Print Media – Urdu), Dipankar Bose (Television) and Anindya SainGupta (Print Media – Telegraph) shared their experiences and valuable tips with the Mass Communication students. Expressing his gratitude on the visit Prof. Tahir Masood expressed that, although divided our cultural roots are still intertwined and Urdu is the bridge between these two nations.

(Photo-Courtesy: Khalid Jibran) Dr. Fatima, Professor Inam Bari and other dignitaries present.

Zafar Ali Khan – an esteemed Urdu journalist in Kolkotta – paying tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah advised students to follow in his footsteps. Expressing his delight, he said that presence of almost 50% female students in Mass Communication Department is quite reassuring. He said that unfortunately, there are no female members in the delegation but female journalists are a vital part of the industry.

Dipankar Bose speaking to the students expressed that the delegation is here not only to share their experiences but also to learn from their experience in Pakistan. Highlighting the differences between Print and Audio Visual media, he said that the title journalist carries certain responsibilities and it is vital that every report is based on facts.

(Photo-Courtesy: Jibran Khalid) Anindya Saingupta speaking to the students.

Anindya Saingupta – General Secretary Kolkotta Press Club – explained the vital role Print Media plays in the media, yet how a Television report can leave a longer imprint on the viewer. He said that it is not easy to become a journalist. To become a journalist one has to scarify certain important aspects of life and adopt one of the toughest life styles. He also explained that as media personnel it is our responsibility to remove our personal biases when working in the field and if used properly media can also be an agent for positive change.

On a question, regarding the need of continuous relations between the two nations, Singupta said that although we are not the Law Makers the delegation upon their return to India would present their suggestions to Indian Government. These suggestions would include permission for at least one Pakistan Press Delegation to visit Indian on annual basis and three journalists from India may be allowed to represent Pakistani Media Entities.

Professor Dr. Fatima, General Secretary Karachi Press Club Shams Kerio, Professor Mehmood Ghaznazi, Dr. Waheed ur Rehman, Professor Inam Bari, Professor Abid Hussain and other teachers of Mass Communication Department were among the dignitaries present on this occasion.

The Indian Delegation also visited F.M Radio Station at the Department of Mass Communication and recorded a program. The 13-member delegation of Indian Journalists representing Kolkatta Press Club is here in Karachi on a 3-day visit, before they fly to Islamabad.

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