Turkey terms Germany’s liberal mosque incompatible with Islam

Turkey terms Germany's liberal mosque icompatible with Islam | pakistantribe.com

ISTANBUL – Turkey religious affairs agency has termed Germany’s new liberal mosque as ‘incompatible’ with Islam.

A mosque has been built in Germany’s capital Berlin where men and women mingle freely.

Diyanet, which oversees religious activity in Turkey, said that such ideas were in line with projects led by the group of Fethullah Gulen, who Turkey blames for the July 15 failed coup.

Men and women pray side by side at the mosque that opened earlier this month in Berlin, which has female imams and where Muslims of all sects of the faith are welcome to worship together.

Supporters of the Berlin mosque said it would allow liberal Muslims to worship freely but in a tough statement, Diyanet took a different stance.

Diyanet said that the mosque is against the basic principles of Islam and was “incompatible with the worship, knowledge and methodology” accumulated since the era of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 14 centuries ago.

“It is clear that this has been a project carried out for many years by FETO and other ill-gotten structures for the engineering of religion,” it added as quoted by Tribune.

“We are convinced that all fellow believers will keep their distance from such provocations and show wisdom in the face of this,” Diyanet said in the statement published late Tuesday.

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  • It is a little odd to think as I grew up with a very segregated society but I think there is a real need for such reforms in muslim cultures. This would bring a lot of social justice (against women) and others. Only if we have interaction with women, we can appreciate that unique pespective and slowly see them in real leadership roles. The early Islam was nothing but providing freedom and importance to women but somehow we forgot the real spirit.


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