Army operation against Taliban

Army operation against Taliban | PakistanTribeIt’s a dilemma that our leaders always think opposite to what our people think.Inspite of being aware of ground realities they always ignore it.

When there is a need of commando action, our leaders prefer to waste time in negotiations. Negotiations with whom? With terrorists? With people having no logic? With people killing innocent children? With people who kill commandos of armed forces of Islamic country?

I guess we are doing a historical mistake. Time of peace talks and negotiations has passed. It’s the most appropriate time for some action. It’s the time to show them our real strength.

The only appropriate time for talks was when Hakeem Ullah was commanding the Taliban. At that time Taliban were a strong entity and there was a need of dialogue. Even the people of Pakistan had made their mind for negotiations. But after the death of Hakeem Ullah,the scenario has changed. Due to the shift of power from Mehsood tribe to Fazal Ullah ,the mehsood tribe has lost the enthusiasm that previously supported Taliban.There is a sense of deprivation present in Mehsood tribe.The common fighter of Taliban is even confused over the leadership of Fazal Ullah.

The alleged involvement of Afghan Intelligence agencies in helping Taliban,particularly Fazul Ullah has made it clear to the people of Pakistan that there is a wolf under the skin of sheep.

Apart from it,the basic demand put forward by Taliban is the implementation of Shariah(Islamic laws) in country.Its a fact that a large number of Pakistani’s do want Shariah in country.But what would be the way of implementation? By doing Bomb blasts and killing innocent people of Pakistan? Definitely the answer is NO.

The way of implementation will be decided by the people of Pakistan.Shariah can be implemented within days if people start working on it.

It sounds funny that the Government of Pakistan that possesses the strongest army of Muslim world and atom bomb is stressing on Peace Talks. While the Taliban have left no stone unturned to spoil this process. We are sitting silently and our opponents are doing continuous attacks on us. The recent attacks on police commandos and rangers in Karachi have rose a wave of anger in people. People have made their minds for an army operation. From the sacrifices of Gen. Niazi to Chaudhry Aslam and Eitezaz Ahsan,we have faced a lot.

Now it’s the time for the revenge of every drop of blood of our people. Nation is with the army at the present moment and is waiting for a ‘’Yes’’ from the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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Ahmad Sher Zaman Dogar

Gold medallist, studying MBBS at Allama Iqbal medical college Lahore, diehard muslim and a proud Pakistani.


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