‘No US strategy could work in Afghanistan without Pakistan’

‘No US strategy could work in Afghanistan without Pakistan’ | pakistantribe.com

WASHINGTON – Former US national security advisor Stephen J Hadley has written in his op-ed piece in the New York Times that no US strategy could succeed in Afghanistan without including the Pakistan in the peace process.

Hadley was of the opinion that Pakistan has its branches in Afghan Taliban which never let any US strategy work in the war-torn country where according to US media; they are facing ‘hard times’.

The piece mentioned how it was understandable that some elements in the United States wanted conditions imposed on Pakistan’s aid but such measures would only prove to be a setback to America’s own policy in the region.

“The trouble is that such “sticks” are unlikely to change Pakistan’s behavior because its existential concerns are tied to broader regional priorities. To get Pakistan to alter its approach in Afghanistan, the United States must understand and address Pakistan’s strategic anxieties,” read the article.

The article further said that leaders in Pakistan were wary of growing Indian influence in Afghanistan as a means to squeeze Pakistan from the other side.

“India has stepped up security assistance in recent years, including military equipment, to bolster the Afghan security forces against the Taliban. Other Indian efforts, like financing for Iran’s Chabahar port that allows landlocked Afghanistan to bypass Pakistan, have further stoked Pakistani concerns.”

Hadley was of the opinion that Pakistan does not want the Taliban to take control in Afghanistan and neither does it want bloodshed in the region.

“What Pakistan wants is a reconciliation process that ushers the Taliban back into the political fold in Afghanistan, without allowing the militants to control the country once again,” read the article.

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