Karachi — the police state?

Karachi - the police state | PakistanTribeBaluchistan and Karachi, both provincial entities have beheld ‘deadly bloodbath’ in past eras. Recently, after Baluchistan, the fresh wave of bloodshed has hit the streets of Karachi. Former capital of the country, Karachi and its dwellers has been facing deplorable conditions since the year of 1947.

Ayub Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir, Nawaz and Zardari, all the non-Karachi actors, had played their roles to transform the city of lights into ‘a dreadful city’.

Karachi is the only city which has experienced “extra-judicial killings” on many instances. The infamous 92-operation is considered as one of the nightmares for Karachiets. We all know, how did government patronize the death-squad of undercover policemen and how did they kill thousands of people on ethnic grounds? In 90s, an anti-MQM police team was established and police officers of that team were not answerable to even IG and DIG of that time. The police officers were also charged with receiving heavy bribes from the families of Urdu speaking MQM supporters and workers for their release.

In 2014, Karachi stands at the exact same spot, same nightmares, same extra-judicial killings and same inhumane tortures. However, it has been noticed that some new torture techniques have been adopted this time and they cannot be elaborated. Unfortunately, once again, Karachi has become a ‘police state’. The guardians of innocent people have become a sign of terror. The law-enforcers have become the law-breakers. Innocents are being detained by their own saviors; policemen and rangers. Urdu speaking community is being targeted specifically, according to the victims.

Even the non-political people and innocents are also being victimized, in the ongoing Karachi operation, because of their ethnicity. Most strongholds of Urdu speaking community are on the hit-list of law enforcement agencies at this point. Few days ago, a 60-years-old, Mairaj Uddin, was harassed and tortured by law enforcers while he was passing through Matric Board office along with his son. Paramilitary personnel stopped him for snap checking and afterwards they demanded 10,000 PKR bribe. Subsequently, they tortured him when he defied giving them any bribe. He succumbed to a heart attack after severe torture later. According to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement spokesperson, he was an MQM supporter. There are several other examples of how the non-local and uneducated policemen and angers treat the common citizens of this city.

It is worth to be noted here that law enforcement agencies have emerged as the biggest mafia of the city. Numerous check-posts have already been set up for paramilitary personnel and apparently they have widely dispersed into the city. According to the media reports, Karachi police is running extortion rackets and collecting 22 crores PKR money on daily basis. Illegal truck mafias, drug peddlers, gambling kingpins and political workers / supporters are the main sources for collecting lump-sum extortion amount. When they arrest any non influential person on the basis of some doubts, they ask to pay extortion up to one lac PKR.

Still many innocents are hoping for their release, while their families are unable to pay such heavy amount. Lower and middle class Urdu speaking people are helpless and passing their lives in jail without any fault of theirs. Orangi, Baldia, Korangi, Landhi and other Mohajir dominant areas are mainly suffering from these injustices. When will it be stopped and who will stop it? Has a clean chit been given to the maintainers of law? Can they do what their duty honestly requires them to? Karachi needs peace, but is this the justified way to bring peace in the city? What if these poor people revolt against this inhumanity? Who will be responsible for all the mess then? We will have to realize the fact that the aphorisms, Ends justify the means, will lead us to nowhere.

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