Islamabad: High on Drugs – by Sheraz

Islamabad: High on Drugs - by Sheraz |

The capital city of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is known around the world for it’s beauty, well built infrastructure and lush greenery.

It has been ranked among the most beautiful capitals of the world beside Paris and Washington D.C. There are many other aspects for which the marvellous city must be credited to. It’s calm roads, organized traffic control system and educational excellence etc.

But there is another dark side to Islamabad that is often ignored by Intellectuals when shedding light over the capital. The Drug Problem. Drug abuse by younger lot of Islamabad has become very common in the last decade.

Buying drugs in Islamabad have become easier than getting a lawyer’s appointment.

Drugs, specially Hashish, are very common in the social circles of students, most of whom are settled in Islamabad for higher education.

There are many layers to this complex issue of addiction and drug abuse. we will be severely wronged if we treat this intricate subject in black and white terms, as considered by mainstream media.

Behind the curtain of addiction to drugs, there are deep psychological and emotional issues. Human beings have an innate need to bond and connect. When we are happy and healthy, we will bond with people around us. But when we can’t , because we are traumatised, isolated or going through an Existential crisis, we will bond with something that gives us some sense of relief. Addiction to drugs is just one symptom of the crisis of disconnection.

Away from home, most of these youngsters become victims of Home Sickness, a sense of alienation and constant Existential crisis.

The war on drugs that has been going on has made everything worse. We all have witnessed in the past when various state agencies have raided university campuses and arrested multitudes of students on charges of drug abuse. But all this has utterly failed in stopping this menace.

Most of the policies by our political establishment have been myopic when it comes to the drug issue. The agencies only focus on cleansing the façade of the problem while leaving the dirty backyard untouched.

If we are to take the matter of drug abuse seriously, then we must start using our energies on educating the addicts and helping them recover from this disease. Instead of turning addicts into social outcasts, we should help people heal and get their lives together.

Addiction is a serious disease, and the addicts deserve a more humane and compassionate behaviour.


Sheraz Ahmed – The writer is currently pursuing a Llb(Hons) degree from International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan. He tweets @sheraza29

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