Leaving Pakistan for the American dream – by Fazaila Shad

Leaving Pakistan for the American dream - by Fazaila Shad | paksitantribe.com

Pakistan-United States relations that had turned after 1990 and warmed up after 9/11 incident, when Pakistan decided to fight US coined war on terror as a front-line state. Pakistan-US relations are evidently still friendly, but clouded in doubts and distrust. Steps taken by government of Pakistan which were in favor of US interests are ended up at the cost of earning displeasure of the people of Pakistan.

According to the top desired destinations for potential migrants worldwide 2010-2012 survey the report indicated that there are about 13% of the world’s adults and about 630 million people from all over the world who wants to leave their country and move somewhere else. The reports show that there are 138 million people, who would move to the Unites States permanently.

So the United States is the no.1 desired destination for some Pakistanis. The report published by pew research center indicates that Pakistani-Americans have become the second fastest growing and the seventh largest group in the United States, research statistics have revealed. The report puts the figure of Pakistanis who are legal residents of the US at 120,000, with an additional 50,000 being eligible.

As indicated by some reports as of 2011, there were 5,045 Pakistani students in the United States, putting Pakistan among the top 25 countries sending students to the U.S. The numbers of Pakistanis studying in the United States for the 2014-15 academic years are 5,354, an increase of 8.5 percent over the previous year, according to the annual Open Doors Report.

Refugees in the United States and those aspiring to go there always dream of a comfort life over there and a lot of jobs and study opportunities, they also want these many things. And that is the reason that the Americans want to keep them out, they make the same arguments we make. That letting them in and allowing them costs a lot of resources we cannot have for ourselves.

On Jan 27, 2017, United States President Donald Trump  issued an executive order placed a 90-day ban on entry to the U.S. from six Islamic countries — Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — while indefinitely blocking Syrians from entering the country, reports indicating that Pakistan was added to the list came rolling in.


 “US President Donald Trump has indicated that both Pakistan and Afghanistan will be among the countries whose citizens will have to go through an “extreme vetting” process before entering the United States.” WASHINGTON

Though Pakistanis has not presently been included in the list, but it is quite possible that in future they may be added to the list. This will influence all Pakistanis who are presently getting education in US, receiving medical training and working in the US.  The ban is discriminatory, and predominantly so against Muslims, is obvious. The fact is that many thousands of innocent Muslims will pay the price. It is likely that Pakistanis will be among them.

The Pakistanis want to emulate the American lifestyle and have a strong desire for American products. However , the known facts is that Pakistanis whether rightly or wrongly are not appreciative of the United States and its global policies, but the statement Pakistani hate American citizens and society is a negative twist often propagated by few people. In fact, if given a choice half the country would be in the United States to settle. We do not want to do that if we hate a country and yes while desire for economic prosperity is a main aim, but that alone does not explain that why would Pakistanis want to work in a society which they supposedly “hate”.

It is important for the US people to know that Pakistanis may be having mistrust (whether right or wrong is a separate debate) of their government, but they do not hate them or their lifestyles. Yes, Pakistan is passing through an unfortunate phase where we are reeling under extremism, but while the state can be blamed for that, the people of Pakistan cannot be.

As being a patriot Pakistani, I dream that first to have the right to live. All the necessities of life are available. I want to have opportunities for my carrier so that I haven’t any regret why I didn’t move to United States. I wish people in Pakistan learn how to understand and tolerate each other. We are divided in groups over casts, religion, languages etc. I always think that people living in London belong to hundreds of countries, but they respect each other. As a Muslim Pakistani, this is what we should be doing as this is what is even taught to us by Islam.

Instead of dreaming to settle in abroad we should stay at our homeland and work for the betterment of our own country. Long live Pakistan 🙂

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