FIH announces Hockey Pro League from 2019

FIH announces Hockey Pro League from 2019 |

CARDIFF – International Hockey Federation (FIH) has on Monday announced a new tournament “Hockey Pro League” that will replace the regular event of Champion’s Trophy and the World League Semi Final and World League Final.

HIF made this vital announcement on Monday. According to the statement, nine teams, including Pakistan, will participate in this global league on home and away basis which will be formally launched in January 2019.

“Pakistan, one of the world’s best men’s teams, will face Argentina, Australia, Belgium, England/Great Britain, Germany, India, Netherlands and New Zealand,” announced FIH.

However, Pakistan have been forced to host its matches in Scotland due to security concerns.

“They (PHF) have agreed a co-host partnership with Scottish Hockey which means that Pakistan will play all of their ‘home’ matches in Glasgow, Scotland in order to limit any complications other nations could face in travelling to play in Pakistan,” said a statement from FIH.

“With a large Pakistani community in Scotland, the stadium is expected to be packed with passionate supporters whenever the Green Sticks are in Hockey Pro League action,” the statement added.

According to FIH statement, nine men’s and nine women’s teams will participate in the Hockey Pro League, each of 9 teams will play home and away matches against rest of the eight competitors from January to June every year and at the conclusion of league rounds, there will be an annual grand finale involving top four teams.


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