China says killing of Chinese nationals won’t affect CPEC

China says killing of Chinese nationals won't affect CPEC |

BEIJING – China says there is no necessary connection between the incident of killing of two Chinese hostages and belt and road initiative (B&R) and the incident will not cast any shadow over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Answering a question whether the killing cast a shadow over the B&R initiative, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, ‘Pakistani has long attached great importance to protecting the safety of Chinese nationals and institutions in that country and made enormous efforts to this end’. Pakistan and China have maintained close communication and coordination since this incident happened, and the Pakistani has made all-out efforts to investigate the case and rescue the hostages.

‘The Pakistani side has pledged to take necessary and effective measures to ensure the security of Chinese nationals and institutions in Pakistan’, she said

Regarding the risk in the building of the ‘Belt and Road’, she said that going global comes with risks. Since it was initiated three years ago, the ‘Belt and Road’ has won the extensive response from the international community and demonstrated the strong vitality and broad prospects.

‘As we can see, the world today is far from tranquil. With the thorough implementation of the initiative, it is inevitable that we may meet various security problems that call for serious consideration and proper handling, which is the case for any country engaging in foreign economic cooperation’, Hua Chunying remarked.

She said safe and smooth progress in implementing the initiative calls for concerted efforts of all parties. ‘We wish to make joint efforts with countries along the routes and take effective measures to create and provide a sound and secure environment for the smooth implementation of the Initiative’, the spokesperson said.

Asked if the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued any advisory to Chinese citizens who plan to travel to this particular region in Pakistan, Hua Chunying said the Department of Consular Service of the Foreign Ministry of China and relevant Chinese diplomatic missions always pay close attention to countries and regions with security risks, and issue travel alerts in a timely fashion.

She said after the abduction of two Chinese citizens on May 24, the Foreign Ministry of China and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan have advised Chinese citizens not to visit Quetta for the time being. Relevant advisory is still in effect, she said.


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