Cyber ‘Gundas’ get ready for punishment

Pakistan Cyber Crime bill soonISLAMABAD – Cyber bullies should have to control themselves as Pakistan is about to finalize first ever cyber crime bill.

“A comprehensive cyber crime bill has been prepared,” Pakistan Information Technology Minister Anusha Rahman revealed.

The number of cyber crimes is on rise in the country with more and more population is turning to social media, online mobiles and internet in general.

Federal Investigation Agency, responsible to investigate the cyber crimes, is helpless to control as there is sufficient law in the country.

The minister, who was chairing a E-Crimes bill 2014 meeting, was hopeful about the early approval of the bill.

She was of the view that, if done, it would be a milestone for the ministry. The bill will be presented before the cabinet soon.

A home of over 100 + million mobile devices, Pakistan is one of the fastest growing internet usage country in the world.


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