Indian media’s attempt to malign Pakistan backfires

Indian media’s attempt to malign Pakistan backfires

NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD – Indian broadcaster Times Now shelved themselves in hot water due to its lack of knowledge when it tweeted a video segment that the channel ran about how Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif takes ‘instructions from the Pakistan Army’.

Times Now, arguably India’s most watched English news channel, made a joke of itself by sharing a clip of an aide de camp of the PM bending over the latter’s shoulder to speak to him at the SCO summit going on in Kazakhstan.

The Indian TV channel took that to mean that the PM is taking ‘instructions’ from the Pakistan Army. Could you be any more ignorant, Times Now?

Eventually, the so called India’s biggest English news channel was grilled by a lot of people who called out the channel for its ignorance.

Following are some the responses to Times Now Tweet:


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