Indian Army Major commits suicide

NEW DELHI – An Indian Army officer has committed suicide, the 45-year old army officer was suffering from depression, the officials told.

Major Gurjeet Singh Bali has committed suicide in his official residence, this is not the first case of suicide in the Indian army, several cases had been reported in past.

The officer, hailing from Jammu, was posted at the Remount Training School and after some tome depot in Saharanpur in western Uttar Pradesh, Indian media told.

Bali had been under treatment for depression since his stay in Jammu, probably he got the disease of depression due to the struggle of Indian army in the region.

The body was found in his room, and had been sent for the post-mortem, police said.

The restlessness in Indian army is on the peak, they are protesting for better food, life standard, and other necessary things snatched by the upper officers.



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