Court adjourns Dr Asim corruption case

KARACHI – The Karachi’s Accountable Court has on Thursday postponed the hearing of corruption reference against Dr. Asim, who is involved in the corruption case of Rs. 462 million.

The court adjourned the case till June 10; the accused was a leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and also former Petroleum.

The corruption case includes Dr. Asim and Athar Husain, both accused had appeared before a court.

Athar in his plea to the Court stated that the legal norms were not fulfilled during filiation of the case; therefore he should be exonerated from the case.

The court remarked that the petition filled by all the accused persons would be decided on June 10.

Dr. Asim in the tenure of PPP served as a Petroleum Minister, during his service he was accused of huge corruption charges.

The case is under trial by the court which investigating the accusation of corruption on the ex-Petroleum chief.


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