Govt tapping phone calls of judges: blames PTI

ISLAMABAD – The spokesperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has accused the government of tapping the phone calls of Judges investigating the Panama case.

He said that the government of PML-N wants to influence the ruling of Panama case through the phone calls of Judges.

In a video, Fawad told that the telephone calls of Judges associated with the Supreme Court are being taped.

“Under which authority, the SECP chairman has leaked the video of his conversation with Supreme Court’s register,” he questioned. Watch what more he has to say, as quoted by Samaa.

The rift between PML-N and PTI is on the go, both parties are trying to harm the image of one another and it will likely to go on until the general elections of 2018.

Although the policy of PTI is influential nowadays, the ministers of PML-N are also working hard.


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