Balochistan wants China’s help to Kick-start mining project

QUETTA – The resources-rich province of Pakistan, Balochistan has appealed to a Chinese company to help it in starting the mining industry.

A senior provincial minister told media that local government has asked the Chinese government to include the mining project into the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) projects.

Beijing has invested $57 billion for the CPEC project, a flagship OBOR project that first focused on Chinese’s firms focusing on roads and power stations but now also expanding in industries.

The Mineral extraction is a very contentious issue of Balochistan, any people expressed grieve over the poor social condition of the province despite it have vast mineral wealth.

The large scale mining facility is still absent from Balochistan, the other foreign companies feared to work on that part of the province due to terrorism.

The top mining official of the province Saleh Muhammad Baloch said that the Chinese companies will be requested to work for the draw marbles from the mines.

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