Debate participant bashes Sahir Lodhi in latest video

Debate participant bashes Sahir Lodhi in latest video |

KARACHI – Renowned TV anchor and actor Sahir Lodhi had wrongfully insulted a female Debate participant, Saba Rizwan on his show, attracting lash out on the internet.

He essentially interrupted her debate and insulted her for saying Quaid-e-Azam’s name ‘in vain’.

Sahir was also served a show cause notice by PEMRA, for using inappropriate remarks for Quad-e-Azam during the show.

Though he had apologized for his behavior and for losing calm on TV, the matter has not yet been buried away, as it seems.

As of now, the female debater has now released a video giving her stance on the whole situation.

“I’ll continue right from where I was interrupted. Before I say anything about the video that went viral, I would like to complete the poem, on which I was accused of challenging the founder of our nation,” Saba began. She clarified that the poem was not written by her and in no way insulted Jinnah.

“I hope I have clarified the doubts of those who thought that I was challenging the Quaid. Furthermore, I’m extremely grateful to those who stood by me and supported me. We are a nation who can raise voice against injustice, who can point their rights from their wrongs,” she added.

“Instead of apologising for the way he spoke to me, Sahir Lodhi should have actually apologised for belittling a female on live TV, or that he interrupted a debater during the speech, or that he mislead my point completely,” asserted Saba.


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