Dubai ends 90-day tourist visas for Pakistan

'Dubai ends 90-day tourist visas for Pakistan' was FAKE NEWS: UAE |

DUBAI – The Dubai administration has on Thursday ended provision of 90-day visas for the Nationals Pakistan and of Philippines, reported on Thursday.

A notification by the Dubai immigration authorities has circulated which orders all travel agencies to stop accepting 90-day visas applications filed by citizens of Pakistan and Philippines.

The revised policy is to come in action starting from June 1st and all the applications received until May 31st would be processed as per previous rules and regulations.

The online publisher quoted a manager of a travel agency: “We are not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent stop. As of now, we have been instructed not to accept applications. There is a possibility that we process the applications through another Emirate but will definitely have higher restrictions and would be more costly.”

However, Pakistanis and nationals of Philippines can apply for 14-day and 30-day tourist visas.

A large number of Pakistanis from poverty-stricken areas, often sell off their homes and belongings to move to Dubai to seek better job opportunities every year


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