CSS exams passing rate is Rs 10 million

CSS exams passing rate is Rs 10 millionISLAMABAD – Law enforcement personnel have arrested an alleged culprit for giving Rs. 10 million bribe to get passed CSS exams.

The alleged culprit was arrested with his son and daughter, Zafar Iqbal, Direction Federal Investigation Agency said.

“Malik Asif, a Lahore resident, called to a driver of Director General Secrecy to get passed his son and daughter in the exams starting from Feb 15,” he further said.

Ali Raza is the name of culprit’s son.

Driver, whose name is reported Sarwar, called him in Islamabad and in the meanwhile Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) reported the matter with FIA.

Malik Asif was of view that he was called for the bribe in the capital city and we had give Rs. 10 million to a person calling ‘Shah’ on DG Secrecy FPSC saying.

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