Khaadi responds to termination, mistreatment of workers allegation

Khaadi responds to termination, mistreatment of workers allegation  |

KARACHI – Pakistan’ popular brand Khaadi had been under fire for its alleged mistreatment and wrongfully termination of workers for past few days. 

The brand management has finally come up to respond these allegations in detail for the first time.

Khaadi said it does not manufacture the products itself, but the products are sourced from a variety of vendors, hence the allegation of mistreating or wrongfully firing employees is not true.

Regarding the said employees, Khaadi was quoted by Samaa News stating,”They were neither permanent employees of the vendor, nor were they contract employees engaged by the vendor. Some weeks ago, and at the instigation of external vested interests, these 32 temporary workers started an agitation and eventually filed a petition in the Karachi Branch of the National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC). That petition was dismissed by the NIRC on May 18, 2017.”

The management also claimed that full and final settlement to all workers were given after they had chosen not to continue their employment with the concerned vendor. The management also dismissed allegations that these workers were made to work for more than 12 hours in inhumane condition.

“These 32 workers worked for the standard 8 hours shift. As regards the allegation that workers are ‘mistreated’ or ‘exposed to inhumane conditions’, this is completely false and incorrect.  The vendor provides good working conditions for the workers,” read the clarification.


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