Police reveals Manchester attacker’s criminal past

MANCHESTER – The British police stated that the Manchester suicide bomber had criminal past, the bomber hit the train station last week and killed 22 people and dozens were injured.

Police said 22-year-old bomber Salman Abedi had convicted in theft related crimes in past, and once assaulted in 2012, but never flagged up for any radical views.

“He was known to the police for some relatively minor matters,” Manchester police chief Ian Hopkins told BBC radio, as questions grew over whether intelligence services missed any vital clues, as quoted by ARY News.

Most of the people injured or killed in the blast were young, attending a concert by pop idol Arianna Grande which had just finished and people were going back.

After the attack, the Islamic State had claimed the responsibility of the attack, very soon, and after that on social media, a campaign was launched against Muslims.

The attacker was reported of Libyan origin and a student of the University.


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