Indian cattle trade ban further isolates Muslims

DELHI – The decision of Indian government to ban the slaughter of cow around the country could cause an annual loss of $4 billion to the government and also it can create thousand jobless people if the government does not revoke the ban.

The Modi government had ordered to ban the sale of cattle for slaughter purpose, now people can only trade cattle for agricultural purposes.

The decision will directly affect the Muslims who have a large business of meat in the country; the protection of cow has gone intense after the election of Modi as a PM of India.

Most of the beef comes from water buffalo despite cows, but local slaughter houses were continuously attacked by the Hindu vigilantes’.

“In the garb of the order that prohibits the trading of cattle at organized markets, the government has tried to impose a ban on the meat industry,” Abdul Faheem Qureshi, head of the Muslim All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee, told Reuters, as quoted by ARY News.

The meat traders of India are looking to file a petition in Supreme Court for the removal of order.

India had exported 1.33 million tons of buffalo meat in 2016/17, which worth of about $3.9 billion.


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