Palestinian court bans divorce during Ramadan

WESTBANK – The head of Palestinian Islamic Court has ordered his judges on Monday not to grant divorce during Ramadan, says that people can make hasty decisions during the fast.

Judge Mahmud Habash said that I have experience from previous years after I found that the dawn-to-dusk fast and ban on cigarettes.

“Some, because they have not eaten and not smoked, create problems” in their marriages, he said in a statement, and they can make “quick and ill-considered decisions”, as quoted by ARY.

According to reports, 50,000 wedding were celebrated in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Stripe but more than 8,000 divorces were also registered in 2015.

The report further revealed that the job cut and poverty are one of the major cases for divorces.

There is no civil marriage or divorce in the Palestinian territories, where only religious courts have those powers.

The increased divorce ratio in the whole world is a matter of concern, the much territorial governments have worked to lower the divorce rate.


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