AMAZING VIDEO: Newborn starts walking minutes after birth

AMAZING VIDEO: Newborn starts walking minutes after birth |

BRAZILIA – A baby in Brazil started walking just minutes after her birth on Monday, the video goes viral on the Internet.

Normally children try to walk at one year of their age and learn to walk in merely one and a half year, although some children have extraordinary ability and do many works before time.

A newly born infant of Brazil tried to walk just after the birth, which is indeed a miracle, many people astonished to see that.

The stunned nurse was trying to bath the little girl, but the newborn has a different idea.

In the video, a midwife cradles the little baby across her chest with one arm and is clearly stunned as the miracle baby wriggles to walk on her own.

The midwife tried to calm the little one and push the little girl down but the infant stands up after any struggle of a nurse.

Millions of people see this amazing video and have been shared by million.

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