Egypt blames Libya for training militants

Egypt blames Libya to train militants |

CAIRO – The authorities of Egypt stated on Saturday that the attackers who were involved in the massacre of Christians near a monastery were trained in Libya.

Egyptian authorities further blamed that there are several militants’ camps running in Libya which it targeted with the airstrikes on Saturday.

The air force loyal to Egypt-backed Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar said it had joined the Egyptian air strikes on Friday following the attack on Copts that killed 29 people.

But the confirmed airstrike was that which hit a pro-Al-Qaeda group in the Libyan city of Derna that has fought against IS.

IS said that its militants attacked Christians when they were traveling to Saint Samuel monastery in Egypt.

The shooting was deadliest after the IS attack which killed more than 100 people, Egypt’s Foreign Minister said that the militants were trained in Libya while talking with Rex Tillerson.

“There were enough information and evidence of the terrorist elements involved in the (attack) having trained in these camps”, a foreign ministry statement quoted him as saying, as quoted by Tribune.

A spokesman for the pro-Al-Qaeda Majlis Mujahedeen Derna said that Egypt forces carried out eight strikes on the city.


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