Pakistan reopens Chaman border

RAWALPINDI – Pakistan has reopened the Friendship (FS) gate in Chaman, reportedly on Saturday on Humanitarian grounds for Ramadan 2017.

Authorities opened the gate after the request of Afghan officials; the gate was shut down by the state after the Chaman incident in which Afghan Army had opened fire on the civilians.

The officials of both Pakistan and Afghanistan have decided not to violate the ceasefire and will work to maintain the peace in the region.

The Inspector General of Frontier Corps (FC) said that the attack of Afghan army has targeted the civilian under the border of Pakistan when they opened fire at the census team.

“Afghan forces entered Pakistan and occupied houses to take a position and launch an attack,” the IG FC said, as quoted by Tribune.

In response, Pakistani Army had targeted the Afghan security check post and killed at least 50 people and injured more than 100.


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