Understanding the Institution of MARRIAGE

Understanding the Institution of MARRIAGE | PakistanTribeIt is very unfortunate that we feel extremely handicapped to fulfill the social contract of marriage with responsibility and commitment.

The couples fail to recognize that marriage is a social contract, which is required to be underpinned by attributes of understanding, compromise and commitment.

 In our society, all we see is a sinful and materialistic start to marital life characterized by non-Islamic traditions and customs. For us, the best marriages are those which are organized by high end glitz and glamour. Unfortunately, we prefer adherence to the non-Islamic traditions over the commandments of Allah Almighty when hosting and organizing the marriage rituals.

The major lacunae lie with regard to the fact that the role of marriage is merely interpreted in terms of the extravagant and lavish wedding. The two families sparking the start of a new marital relationship tends to commence wedding preparations several months ago.

This is tantamount to the misperception that these preparations are the major crux for any successful marital relationship. Generally, people are forgetful of the fact that these preparations, and vast amount of investment directed into them are merely one time.

The matter of most attention and consideration is to understand the core purpose of the marriage in terms of the roles and responsibilities of two spouses, development of the personality attributes required for marriage, as well as developing a sound discernment of Islamic injunctions pertaining to this institution.

It is inevitable to be mindful of the fact that the role of the bride at the event of the wedding lasts barely for a few hours. When it comes to playing the role of the wife, there is in contrast no script for it.

This means that there stands a dire need in our society to groom the daughters for the role of the wife. The masses should indulge in social grooming and awareness regarding the significance of the institution of marriage.

The men and women before being married should be inculcated their prime roles and responsibilities, which are required to be undertaken upon getting married. In addition, the mass awareness about religious rulings related to the importance of simplicity in the marriage rituals over flamboyance should be disseminated.

The adherence to these suggestions and measures can bring a massive shift in the society’s trends, and can make marriages simple and successful.

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