War Between Two Political Parties – Karachi Police facing criticism

Shahid-Hayat-CCPOKARACHI – Karachi police face hard criticism among the tug of war between two political parties of the city as the MQM worker Fahad Aziz was arrested and released by Karachi police in few hours.

According to sources intelligence agencies reported about Fahad Aziz and his association with a group of target killers.

Fahad Aiziz is an active member of a target killers group, running their activities under the command of Ijaz alias Kala Munna. Ijaz was arrested by the Korangi police and later released by the court on bale, said in report.

Sources claimed that Fahad was also involved in the attack on police mobile in front of Afaq Ahmed’s house, chairman of MQM (H).

Police high ups after discussing with the Sind government, ordered for the arrest of the Aziz and Police arrested the suspect. A police officer, having affiliation with political party, mishandled the case by arresting culprit under section 54 which showed a loose grip of the police. After arresting him took him to Darulsahat hospital despite of Jinnah Hospital as per rule.

The incident took sudden change and MQM get involve in the scene. MQM claimed Fahad Aziz worker and declared him innocent.

MQM claimed that The 31-year-old groom, Fahad Aziz was on his way back home along with family, relatives and bride when plain-clothed police personnel arrested him. he was detained over charges of four policemen’s murder besides other heinous crimes.

Following the arrest, Fahad’s relatives accompanied by MQM leaders reached Karachi Press Club and protested against the arrest. The party leadership has called for release of the worker associated with MQM’s Korangi Sector.

Meanwhile, four police personnel, including an investigation officer, were suspended by higher authorities over the alleged torture.

A case has formally been registered with Shah Faisal Colony police station under Section 54. Police said the accused has been arrested over suspicion and would be produced in the court on Monday.

The latest case of arrest irked MQM chief Altaf Hussain who blamed police and Rangers for extra-judicial murders of his party members in Karachi where the law-enforcers have been conducting an operation against criminal elements over the past few months.

He appealed Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif to take immediate notice of what he called serious human rights violations.


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