US airstrike kills over 105 in Iraq

US airstrike kills over 105 in Iraq |

MOSUL – A research of United States defense department, Pentagon reveals that at least 105 civilians killed in anti-IS airstrikes in the Iraqi city of Mosul in March.

The airstrike was carried out by a US aircraft, it targeted a building in West Mosul on March 17, and it aimed to kill the hidden terrorists in the building.

But the bomb also causes a large cache of IS explosives to detonate which cause a large number of deaths in the area, the US has carried out the same sort of action before three years.

“The secondary explosion triggered a rapid failure of the structure which killed the two ISIS snipers, 101 civilians sheltered in the bottom floors of the structure and four civilians in the neighboring structure to the west,” said the US Air Force Brigadier General Matt Isler, the lead investigator, as quoted by Samaa.

It is the deadliest strike for civilians stemming from coalition strike since anti-IS operations in Iraq and Syria begins.


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