Saudi courts awards death penalty to 14 ‘Shia terrorists’

RIYADH – A Saudi Court on Friday sentenced death penalty to over a dozen Shia activists from the Qatif region, the group was involved in the protest against the government.

Lebanon’s al-Manar television channel reported that 14 terrorists were sentenced death penalty by the Supreme Court in Riyadh; they had taken part in the anti-regime protest.

The procedure took place at the anti-terrorism court in Riyadh; the case was heard by legal experts.

Some convicted men stated that they are forcibly involved in the terrorism-related cases through physical and psychological torture.

International human rights groups had criticized the anti-terrorism procedure adopted by the courts of Saudi Arabia, many termed it as a so-called anti-terrorism-law to curb the voice of critics.

The verdict issued by the court has aimed to crush the latest wave of un restlessness in the territory.

In past, the United Nations also pointed concerns over the tough verdicts issued by the courts of the country against the terrorists.


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