First Ramadan 2017 on Saturday in UAE

RIYADH– The Central Moon Sighting Committee formed by Minister of Justice, Sultan Al Badi has announced on Friday that the Ramadan 2017  moon has been sighted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and first of Ramadan will fall on Saturday.

It means that the prayers of Traveeh will be performed on Friday, and first fasting day will fall on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

It also means that in UAE Eid more likely to be celebrated on June 26, 2017.

Earlier, The Committee announced it could not sight the crescent moon for the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday evening.

The Committee decided to meet on Friday, May 26, to spot the crescent moon

Lots of Muslims from the UAE have gathered in Saudi Arabia to perform the prayers of Ramadan and to take part in the Islamic congregation.

The blessing of Ramadan will continue until the end of June, Muslims will try to be blessed by Allah in the Holy month.

Ramadan has its key role in shaping the inner of a man, during fast man is prohibited to eat, drink and have sex till the (Iftar) evening meal.

The government provides facilities to the people who perform the prayers of Ramadan also the welfare trusts will work hard to provide food to every individual.

At the end of this holy month, Muslims in all over the world celebrate Eid which is a gift of Allah after the month of fasting.


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