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Sitaran Jehri Ideal Rahnuma | PakistanTribeJohn Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Yes, it is an ideal leader who inspires and motivates because he/she has a vision, integrity, personality, emotional intelligence, and a sterling character. 

Benazir Bhutto (BB) Shaheed has been the one who made her country proud of her. She was an inspiration and an ideal leader to many in Pakistan.

Every party boasts committed and sincere workers, whose sincerity and ideology is so solid that it is hard to be questioned.  It is because of their upbringing which is carried out in such an environment where temporary benefits or vested interests are not valued; rather their vision gives hope to the masses.

Followers trained by true leaders accept all atrocities meted out by the dictators of the time. And those true workers of any party are considered as the asset of a party.

Dr. Mussarat Hussain Khowaja brings us the memories of such a leader who changed a political scene in Pakistan. Khowaja tells us and makes public those memorable days spent with BB. He has been a true and dedicated comrade and has always put his trust in BB and her party. Khowaja, without any vested interests, fulfilled his duties till BB’s last breath. Recounting his golden memories with BB and regarding them as an inspiration, Khowaja believes that he is still as passionate about supporting BB’s vision as he ever was.

When I first glanced at the title page of the book “Sitaran Jehri Ideal Rehnuma”,  I decided to go through the entire book.

I have always been a great fan of BB, so I decided to read immediately to know more about the lady and her role in the country’s politics. It is true that during the course of our life, there come certain events which imprint the memories in our mind. And memories are hard to erase. And when the epicenter of those memories is a great personality, then such memories twinkle in solitude and enlighten our insight. But when those unforgettable and blissful memories are reproduced on paper, then every moment attached to it seems like a precious treasure of life. Moreover, those memories become more precious when the foundation of those unforgettable memories, the star-like leader, passes away and leaves us in swizzle of life.

Dr. Khawaja received all that sophistication and political training at home. His mother once led PPP ladies wing and his father Bakhs Ali Khowaja was an active worker of the party. Watching his parents work for PPP with devotion, Khawaja started his political career with the same activism and passion. His obsession with the party is still as strong as before. The services that Khawaja has given to the PPP were also acknowledged by Beganm Nusrat Bhutto and later by BB. Despite this, he never thought of taking any benefit out of it, and served the people of his district, Badin, diligently and considered it as his first duty which is still his top priority.

Recently, Khawaja compiled his collection of articles in the form of a book, comprising the memorable days spent with the leader under the title of ‘’sitaran jehri ideal rehnuma’’ (star-like leader)

Human memories can be treated as a document which has direct a nexus with political, social and ethical life of man. This way, several unforgettable memories have been put into words in this book, which, after reading, give a sense of relaxation and a feeling of internal joy.  After reading the writing of the author, new doors of thoughts open. This book opened such doors of thoughts which I had never experienced before.

In this book, the author has written the life story of BB Shaheed from her birth, and her political career till her last breath. The book has also mentioned the assassination of BB, trying to unravel mysteries that still surround the grave incident.

The book goes deep into answering some key questions that have kept Pakistani politics in the limelight for the last few years. For instance, return of BB and future challenges that haunt the entire nation. Khawaja has discussed in detail whether America really wants democracy in Pakistan. Like any other true supporter of democracy, Khawaja slams dictatorial attitude and tells us what has been a missing piece since the first democratic government was replaced by dictatorship.

A substantial portion of the book has been devoted to the murder of BB and secret hands that were working behind it. Khawaja says that BB’s return to Pakistan despite life threats should come as a big surprise to many.

The book’s column “will the davinchi code be decoded?” touched me and appealed a lot. I have been fond of literature and art. When I saw that the author related the Davinchi code with the murder of BB, I came to know that the murderer were identifiable (the base of this column is Dan Brown’s bestselling novel ‘The Da Vinci Code.’

In Dan Beown’s novel, the story begins with the hidden codes of names of murderers in mona liza’s painting placed at Paris Museum.

This article was published in Kawish on April 9th2009, which can be read online on kawish archives.

Personal memories and informative articles in the shape of a book is the result of unyielding effort of the Benazir Chair established by KU Director, Prof. Aijaz qureshi. Prof. Aijaz, by compiling this treasure for readers, has paid a great service to the country.

Title: Sitaran Jehri Ideal Rahnuma

Writer: Dr. Musarat Hussain Khowaja

First Edition: March 2013

Printer: Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Chair, University of Karachi

Publisher: Pecock Printers, Karachi


Price: Rs.200/=

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