Sectarian killings in Karachi created alarming situation

Sectarian killings in Karachi created alarming situation | PakistanTribeKARACHI – The sectarian killings in Karachi created an alarming situation in the city while the law enforcers are trying to remove the sectarian killers from the city.

More than 18 Shiaa persons including lawyers and doctors were killed by their rivals while 32 of Sunni sect including lawyers, doctors, Ulemaas and students lost their lives in the war. The figures showed that the armed persons of both sides did not kill the miscreants of rival group but only innocent persons of other sect.

Neighboring countries are getting involved in ongoing terrorism in the country. The countries are making attempts and fighting their sectarian war, for their own ideology, on Pakistani land, by launching their terrorist in different parts of the country. The countries have their own interests in Pakistan and they are using Pakistani youngsters for their ill mental approach on sectarian grounds.

Crime Investigation Department (CID) revealed about the network of banned outfit running their activities in the city by cooperation of neighboring Islamic country. The department also released the pictures and sketches of 11 activists of the organization.
A high official of CID told on anonymity, “The terrorists got training from Iran, are working under the umberalla of sub organizations including Sipah Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Mehdi, Laskhar-e-Ahle Baat”. Dozens of the activists of these banned outfits were arrested and later released on the orders of court as prosecution remained fail to prove them guilty, he added.
The banned SMP had been organized by Muntazir Mahdi with the support of Iran during last decade. Government had imposed ban on the organization. Muntazir Mahdi of SMP was arrested by Karachi police who confessed his involvement in the killing of more tha 30 activists including Molana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, Leader of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat.

The religious scholars, belongs to Deaobandi sect are the main targets of the Iran-trained terrorist group. Abdul Majeed Deen Puri, Aslam Shaikhu Puri, Mufti Ateeq Rehman along with renowned scholars and students, belong to madarassahs of Deaoband sect, were lost their live. Mufti Usman Yar Khan, a famous religious scholar and an important figure of the talks among government and banned Tahreek Taliban Pakistan, was also killed by the terrorists. Political and Religeous personalities declared the killing of Usman Yar Khan as an attack on peace talks.

Members of this sect are also running their activities in the city. Hundred of suspects of TTP, LeJ and othe banned outfits have been arrested by CID and other law enforcement agencies so far.

The arrested terrorists of this sect revealed that they got training from tibal areas of the country and Afghanistan working in different groups named Jundullah, Punjabi Taliban and Lashkar Jhangvi.

On the other hand CID police, Headed by Fayyaz Khan, arrested the main shooter of Lashkar Jhangvi, Waseem alias Baroodi and Usman Kurd. Both confessed to kill more than 100 persons belong to Shiaa to community.

Fayyaz Khan, SSP CID, told that they arrested Usman Kurd from Landhi bus stop but after one month Kurd was transferred to Quetta jail on the instruction of higher ups.

Later, Usman Kurd made a successful escape from the custody of Balochistan police and rejoined his group in Quetta. Kurd is running his group in different parts of Balochistan and also making activities in Karachi.
“The activists of Kurd’s group are getting involved in the sectarian killing in Karachi as Kurd has strong influence over the activists of other parties of the sect, he belong too”, said SSP CID.

Karachi police have arrested over than 700 persons of the banned outfits in last five years but could not curb the sectarian violence.

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