Wasim Badami’s ‘girlfriend’ Minahal exposed

Wasim Badami's ‘girlfriend’ Minahal exposed | pakistantribe.com

KARACHI – The self-proclaimed girlfriend of the renowned Journalist and TV Host of Pakistan Wasim Badami has been arrested in America for selling drugs.

According to reports, US police has captured Cocaine and Marijuana from the accused, worth of $15 thousand.

Officials told that they have arrested the girl red-handed in the accusation of smuggling, Minahil could be sentenced to 30 years.

29-year-old Minahal claims herself to be a fashion designer and said that she has a relationship with Wasim Badami, was arrested in a secret operation from Schomberg.

Local police have recovered Cocaine and Marijuana which worth of $15 thousand and equal to Rs. 1572375, the officials further told that she has been fined in past for several times.

The sources told that she used public parks for the purchase and sale of drugs in the country, according to the information police arrested the culprit red-handed from the park.

She was arrested when she allegedly tried to sell the drugs to a police officer.

Earlier, Minhal Aly, who claimed to be Waseem Badami’s girlfriend, uploaded her Voice Calls on Social Media.

Minahal says she has been in contact with Badami for almost four years.

The girl during the Facebook Live session reveals every minute detail about her alleged affair with Waseem Badami and also that how she was ‘so close’ to the TV anchor.

The girl also claims that Wasim Badami has relations with her colleague Saima Kanwal, which she doubts have turned into a secret Nikah.

The video-girl claims Badami came to her home right after the condolence of Junaid Jamshed’s death.

She goes on to reveal that the two also met in the USA early this year.

My friends, my family, and a lot of other people know about our relationship, she added that we avoid meeting in public excluding a single time when we go to a private hotel in Karachi on my birthday.

Waseem Badami’s alleged girlfriend Minahal Aly Uploaded Voice Calls on Social Media


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