Climate change is a critical issue in Pakistan

Climate change is a critical issue in Pakistan | PakistanTribeHabib University has recently organized the useful and timely conferences about “Climate Change in Pakistan” at Islamabad and Karachi.

So what is this climate change? Why has it been given so much focus? Its because it relates to us as a country “Climate change is a critical issue in Pakistan, extreme climate events lead to natural disasters such as immense floods, hailstorms, dust storms and cyclonesā€¯.

It was also pointed out that extreme climates can also lead to loss of habitat, destroy plants, spoil quality of food grains and can also damage life and property. A startling fact reveals human activities caused half of the global change in climate. Change in climate can also lead to one of our current biggest issues “shortage of water in Pakistan the climate change rate does not decrease then it will lead to loss of water.

Rising temperatures mean that not only will there be more rain and less snow in the mountains, but also that snow will melt earlier in the year, resulting in rivers and streams carrying more water, much earlier than normal. In areas where reservoirs are not big enough to hold the increased amount of water, it will be lost to the oceans which will result in shortage of water and because of extreme temperatures a vast amount of water will be used.

The speakers also talked about global warming which has emerged as one of the biggest threats to our country which has resulted in a devastating disruption of our countries climate. Climate changes will also affect our irrigation system because changes in river flows will lead glaciers to melt which will affect our irrigation areas. These changes in climate sometimes lead to shortage of our natural resources. The main aim of this conference was to persuade humans to stop their harmful activities which cause increase in green hosue gas and thus effect extreme climate changes because only we will get affected by this.

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