Accountability Force emerges in PTI

Accountability Force emerges in PTILAHORE – Following internal row over power and finance, Transparency Accountability Force has emerged within Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI).

“We have not made this for accountability of Imran Khan, but to make all theives accountable in the party,” Zubair Ahmed, TEC force chief said.

The force held its first ever convention in Aiwan e Iqbal, which was also attended by renowned columnist Haroon ur Rasheed, who had been advocating PTI and its chairman for last 17 years.

“Each member of the force is ready follow Khan, and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and other parties should keep this in mind,” Zubair said.

Haroon ur Rasheed said that Imran Khan was not the first and the last hope as it is only Allah.

He was of the view that Khan had not been paying attention to internal fissures and conspirators who were destroying the party.

On the other hand, PTI leaders say that if anyone has a complain, he should contact the leadership as such tactics would create only mess.

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