Saudi Arabia denies Pakistan’s request for increasing Hajj 2017 quota

Saudi Arabia denies Pakistan's request for increasing Hajj 2017 quota |

ISLAMABAD – Saudi Arabia has once again rejected the appeal by the government of Pakistan to increase its Hajj 2017 quota.

The Ministry of Religious affairs had last week requested the Saudi Hajj Ministry to increase the Hajj 2017 quota from current 179,210 to 194,210 for Pakistan.

Sardar Muhammad Yusuf had made this request due to the increased population figure, following the ongoing census which would show a dramatic rise in population.

Saudi officials while rejecting the request said that the census in Pakistan has not completed yet, we will increase the quota according to the results when they are announced officially.

The ministers of both countries also discussed the Hajj agreement between both countries.

The Saudi minister said that the agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is far better this time than past.

We will try hard to provide better service to the pilgrims, he added.

The relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are still sour but the pilgrims of Iran will perform Hajj this year.

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