Six murdered in India over kidnapping rumor

Six murdered in India over kidnapping rumor |

NEW DELHI – Angry villagers in India beaten six men to death after the rumors spread that they were operating a gang which kidnaped the people.

The heart-wrenching event took place in Indian state Jharkhand in the earlier week.

Animesh Nathani, Police chief stated while talking to media that the people got angry after they watched a video on Whatsapp video which warned locals about the presence of a gang in the area.

“The incidents happened over two days in neighboring districts which are populated by tribal,” he said, as quoted by Tribune.

Child trafficking in indeed a major problem in the indigenous tribal areas of India, particularly in the rural areas, victims are sold off to work in factories or as prostitutes in the streets.

No arrests have been made in the case, hundreds of locals demanded police action against the criminals.


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