Imran threatens PM over social media crack down

Imran threatens PM over social media crack down |

ISLAMABAD – The chairman of Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI) threatens government to launch a campaign if it tried to crack down the social media activities of his party.

While addressing the gathering on Friday he said that the regime is trying to force the workers of PTI to launch the street protest again.

He said ‘I warn if our people are touched, we will take to the streets as we have done in past.’ Imran accused Nawaz Sharif of subduing the freedom of speech.

While talking about Jhadav case he said that we have done a huge mistake by attending the proceeding of International Court of Justice, the accused had confessed before the military court, he added.

The PTI chief accused PM of derogating the Pakistan Army in the whole world, Nawaz Sharif should be asked about his deal with Indian businessman he said.

Khan urges people to demand the evidence presented in the ICJ by Pakistan.


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