Pakistan’s per capita income increases to $1,629 year

Per head in Pakistan earn $1,629 year |

ISLAMABAD – The per capita income for Pakistani citizens has grown to $1,629, but the government has failed to use the increased income in investment and saving target in the fiscal year.

This failure in achieving the target shows the ability of government to spend on infrastructure and development of the domestic requirements and sources.

However, the individual investment has declined in the country in terms of total size of the economy if compared with the fiscal year, despite the hype around $54 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The main suggestion to raise the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was not implemented by the government; also total size of national economy remained the biggest failure on the economic front.

Matter of concern is that Pakistan has the lowest saving rate in the region and the world.

The officials told that the per capita income in terms of the dollar has risen to 6.4 present, $98 per person in the outgoing fiscal year of 2016-17.


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