WWE Entertainment makes history in Karachi

Wrestle Mania Entertainment makes history in Karachi | pakistantribe.com

KARACHI – The dawn of World Wrestling Federation now (WWE) in 1990’s is still fondly remembered by the wrestling aficionados.

When Undertaker retired Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania it was an iconic moment, something which has not happened in past.

Despite tons of events of WWE, recently the festival was staged thousands of miles away, in a foreign land, Karachi. May 17 will be remembered as the day in which international wrestling set foot in Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan are watching the wrestling for a long time on their television screens, the decade-old dream of watching it live in their cities come true.

KMC Sports Complex hosted the first match of PWE in Karachi with tens of international stars struggling in the ring for the local audience.

Wade Barrett, Carlito, Badshah Pelham Khan, Extreme Fury, Starbuck, Prince Zephyr, Bernard Vendome, Adam Flex Mated, Angel’s Bombsite, Tiny Iron, Mickey and Betty Trash, The Omen, Racine Osmani, Fabio Ferrari, Aaron Rammy, Audrey Bride and Tim Tango all were given a raucous reception.

Interestingly, Barrett, Carlito, and Khan were succeeded in drawing the biggest cheers of the crowd, the two former WWE stars charged up the crowd.

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